Safety & Disclaimer

Cycling safety

Cyclists are responsible for their own safety and are required to comply with the rules of the road.  All cyclists must wear a helmet, and should wear cycling gloves to prevent cuts and bruises in case of a tumble. We also recommend cycling glasses to protect your eyes. When the weather is sunny, sun cream is also essential. Ideally, each cyclist should have a mobile telephone and all contact numbers with the group leaders.  More detail is provided on our Safe Group Cycling page.

Safe use of photography

If any member wishes to have any of the photos or video on this website removed, please contact us using the query facility on the Contact page.

Declaration, Indemnity, Waiver and Agreement
All members of Willow Wheelers Cycling Club (which together with the club’s committee, officers, members, representatives and agents and Willow Park Junior School, Willow Park School (First Year) and Blackrock College is referred to as the Club) undertake to abide by all rules of the Club, to know and adhere to the rules of the road and abide by all the decisions of the Club and its committee. All members declare that they are medically and physically fit and able to participate in cycling activities, and agree to follow any rules set by the organiser in connection with any Willow Wheelers cycling activities. In particular, all members acknowledge that safety is the main priority and it is compulsory to wear a helmet at all times during Willow Wheelers cycling activities.

All members are required to confirm that they understand and accept that because of the possibility of mishaps and accidents occurring, there exists a possibility of serious physical injury and damage to property occurring and therefore they irrevocably and unconditionally declare and agree that they exclude the Club from and indemnify the Club from liability for any loss, injury damage to persons or property or otherwise howsoever and whatsoever including that which they may sustain, suffer or cause as a result of their participation in any activities of or in connection with or organised or administered or run by the Club whether in or outside Ireland.

Each year, members are required to apply for or renew membership, pay the annual subscription and complete both the Willow Wheelers’ Application Form and the Cycling Ireland Membership Form, which are available on the Documents page.


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